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Mum & Baby Yoga

Tuesday 10am / Thursday 1pm

Parent & Mover Yoga

New Dates TBA

Rebuild, recharge and relax - help ease that transition in to motherhood surrounded by likeminded supportive women. 

With sessions including yoga for both you* and baby, you can rebuild strength from within and extend that bond with your little one. Following on from our Pregnancy Yoga we continue to work with breathing and relaxation techniques to help sooth baby and active mummy minds.

Our 90 minute classes promote bonding with baby through soothing and settling techniques  and once baby is settled we focus on supporting postnatal recovery with specifically designed sequences. 

Benefits for Mum:
- Rebuilding the core and the pelvic floor.
- Relieve mummy aches and pains from lifting car seats, hip carrying and feeding.
- Improve postnatal mental health and reduce potential for postnatal depression 
- Bonding with baby and learning their cues 
- Learn to relax with baby through breathing and relaxation techniques

Benefits for Baby:
- Baby is fully part of the session 
- Enhances baby's development and sensory awareness
- Baby gets to enjoy yoga with you 
- If they are asleep during the session you get more yoga!

Enjoying a cuppa, cake and chat about all things baby (and everything else!) at the end of every class. Something you don't always know you need until you find it. 



Yoga for every stage of motherhood


New dates coming soon

Suitable from newborn, no matter what your birth experience. Sessions are a gentle reintroduction to life with baby and reconnecting with your postpartum body. Focusing on all things Fourth Trimester. No yoga for mum as we focus on your mental recovery first.


Tues 10am & Thurs 1pm

Suitable from 6 weeks postpartum/ following GP check. Or if you have had a c-section or assisted delivery it is 10-12 weeks. Our specially trained team are more than happy to discuss any concerns or queries you might have about returning to exercise and also don't forget to check in with your GP/ Midwife/ Health Visitor with any concerns.


Suitable for babies who are on the move (6-18months) when they need a little more space and interaction to allow you both to continue to enjoy yoga together.

New dates coming soon

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