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Events, Workshops & Retreats

  • Rocket Yoga Workshop
    Sat, 04 Feb
    Shore Yoga Studio
    Join us for a fun, vibrant and energetic rocket yoga workshop. Claire will teach us what makes Rocket Yoga different to other styles of Yoga and guide us through the Rocket Yoga sequences, finding that sweet balance between rhythm and posture. There are plenty of options with encouragement to find y
  • Feminine Flow Workshop
    Mon, 13 Feb
    Shore Yoga Studio
    An introduction to our new flow. A Vinyasa style class that will use the Moons phases as a guide to educate feminine beings how to adjust their life and yoga practice in relation to their menstrual cycle.
  • Kids Yoga + Craft Workshop
    Thu, 23 Feb
    Shore Yoga Studio
    A morning of yoga and crafting fun for you little yogi's. We will start the session with some fun yoga shapes and sequences to release and balance their energies. Followed by a mindful creative craft with Happy Crafts, testing out their skills and letting their imagination run wild.
  • Blindfold Yoga - An Exploration of Movement
    Sun, 26 Feb
    Shore Yoga
    Join us for a deeply moving sensory experience. We will be removing our primary sense; sight, so that we can feel deeper into our bodies and connect the mind on a whole new level. We will be in a safe space, free to express movement and feelings without limitations of our own self-consciousness.
  • Yoga + Reiki Workshop
    Multiple Dates
    Sun, 26 Feb
    Shore Yoga Studio
    Slow down and listen to what you really need, not what the world is telling you to need. Melting into soft shapes while receiving Reiki energy.
  • Pregnancy and Postnatal Open Day
    Sun, 05 Mar
    Whitley Bay
    Join us for an informative and supportive open day where we will introduce you to the wonderful world of parenting, whether you are with bump or have multiple babies. And it’s not all about the Yoga! We have a wide variety of local experienced businesses to support you too.
  • Soundbath - Circle Of Light Holistics
    Multiple Dates
    Sun, 12 Mar
    Shore Yoga Studio
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